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What’s Up?
Conceiving the family as a divine human phenomenal institution that is highly cherish by both God and man, the banal regard with which the world has recently condemn it to, in respect of excessive human freedoms, is worrisome. The inestimable value of marriage and family as the primary and ethical home to build human senses for solidarity and mutuality existence on earth is gradually losing its potency within the ever growing civil liberties and rights. People no longer find marriage and family as an essential focus for their development and see little or no reason to cohabit with others in a spirit or sharing and oneness. Worse of it, cultural and religious faith-based institutions continue to play separatist roles in keeping people from different faiths other than theirs away from naturally ordained marriage unions.
Are we sure that, the family is still a place where human values of mutuality and trusts are ethical introduced and developed for the society?
What’s Down?
Having examined some of the worries that kill the solidarity focus between members in a family setup, and introducing the hidden mechanisms necessary to rebuild the required liveliness and co-existential warmth prospects within a family union, Dr. NGYAH suggests that, the voluntary and mutual ‘Will’ power of the marriage seeking individuals or the family founders, plays a supreme role in determining the faith of the family’s well being. Also, couple with many other forces such as the psychosocial behaviour patterns of the children and influences from extended family members, the health and wealth of even the strongest ‘Will’ made family is still at stake.  

  1. What advise can you give to a new family with regards to the influences of their external family members?
  2. What are those other aspects that you would advise members of a solidly founded family to avoid in order not to destroy their family happiness?
  3. Are you from a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu or from any other cultural or religious background with specific family practice views which you would love to share with the world? Please indicate it and post your comment!
  4. What advise can you give to young marriage aspiring individuals with aims to form, maintain and sustain their family?
  5. What would you advise people in cases of traditional, interfaith or other cultural marriage and in-family management customs? In order to live peacefully and happily within both customs.
Note: This Book is a published serial edition work that will continue to develop globally diverse measures and means to assist family well-being and growth in love, care and peace. Your comments will obviously become part of this development process, so please feel free to air your views and give a global value to your community’s family worries. 

Your comments are highly solicited.

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