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What’s up?

It’s obvious that the African man has gone through an ordeal of intense suppression and oppression from the days of the colonial regimes via the colonial administration, and since then he (the African man) became a new person reborn into the western political philosophy in which he knew very little about and as such has failed in every perspective in managing the adopted foreign rule.
  • Can’t the African man choose another alternative road?
  • Should the African man continue to copy development philosophies that are failing in their traditional African context?
  • Are we certain that the African man is ready to fully integrate the inherited systems of development that hurt him in the past and is still hurting him now?  

What’s Down?

Colonial and Neocolonial dependency, I suggest, must have corrupted the African’s proper development potency and killed his confidence in self-development and also made him an enemy to his brother in order to grab as much as possible of the free goods for his today’s survival and tomorrow’s providence. What Africa fails to understand is the fact that, she is the mother of humanity and was bestowed with all the human growth and development potentials within her, yet she still chooses to stay in the temptation of foreign and artificial facilities that may only lead to its own destruction because it lacks the original know-how to manage such. The series of violent conflicts and genocidal blood bath within Africa because of the western perspectives of political power bear witness to this.
  1. We have borne and still bear the pain of history yet, we still support and attach ourselves to the root causes and influences of such pain, how can we therefore ascertain true change for progress within our environment;
  2. Political governance in Africa is not authentic because it is copied by the wrong mentalities for the wrong egoistic reasons but are the African people supposed to rely on such corrupt elites’ thinking against their own development drives?

If Africa is now facing new development institutions from emerging nations to support its sustainable development aspirations, are there further reasons to doubt the original will of these development partners?

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