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What’s up?
The nation of Cameroon is taking a very giant step forward through the President’s recent ‘greater ambition’ policy discuss that is already in its manifestation phase within the growth and employment strategy paper 2010/2020 and an emerging nation policy plan to be realized by 2035. Yet as realistic as the great policy seems on its road to realization, it at the same time pulls along the ambivalent dynamics that are fundamental prerequisites for such a development perspective and that have been posing intriguing worries upon the current political and cultural stability.
  • Are such heavy macro-economic advancement measures truly feasible for sustenance meanwhile there are still severally pronounced worries upon citizenry contentment?
  • If we pretend to cover what we know still worries us in the name of huge growth and investments are we certain to sustainably protect such investments when we feel fully cheated in our own well-being needs?
  • Can a civil uprising maintain and sustain the country’s vision as the present regime in a virtual peaceful spectrum proves? 

What’s Down?
The ‘emergence of a nation is strongly bestowed on its human development capacity to deliver such emergent goals but if this human development aspect is not rightly targeted, then there is a problem.
‘Where is the citizen’s place in this huge development plan?’
Great economies are built to and for the service of men, thus, these men ought to be also mentally, morally and physical apt to effectively enjoy and sustain the fruits of such economies else they become futilitarian ventures prone to destruction and regression rather construction and progression.
  1. Where are the instituted and enforcement procedures to protect the human development plan of the Cameroonian people towards acknowledging and maintaining their peaceful nature?
  2. Can the present education culture of bribery and civil alcoholism sustain our national structures and vision in the case of an uprising?
  3. What non-personal measures would you propose to our government to face the actual worries of its citizens in order to avoid futuristic violent and destructive conflicts?
  4. What do you think the proper sustainable development plan of Cameroon should entail?
MAHSRA has proposed the need for the government to institutionalize and invigorate an educational culture of peace and civics from a rudimentary level and up to the most advanced levels in a case venture wherein each Cameroonian should be able to consider his/her self as a learned peace maker.  From there on, the national citizenry shall all in one way or the other be actively involved in building and sustaining the ‘nation of the dream’  

MAHSRA also indicates that it is presently undergoing a series of research works on gender equality intervention schemes and best ways for integrating pragmatic gender equality policy development and direct peace activity growth within local, national, intergovernmental, and international frameworks. And thus, is highly soliciting support from the public.
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