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FACING URBAN TERRORISM: Root Causes with Boko Haram

What’s up?
After the historic terror moments lived during the World Wars I & II, and the major natural disasters around the globe that have left massive and frightening human death tolls, the phenomenon of terrorism, today, has surfaced to soak the world in another dreadful fear and immense need for ever increasing security measures over populations everywhere.
From bigger and older terrorist network movements such as the Al Qaeda and the Taliban, the Boko Haram movement, even though seeming comparatively smallest in size, has now begun teaching the world how invincible terrorists can be, by openly and forcefully abducting an entire academic institution, then, making authoritative demands to Africa’s biggest economic power. In the limelight, one begins to wonder if such terrorist acts are not one government or the other’s further assisted mechanisms for undercover reasons. This is because, they have willfully failed in their duties to implement the terrorism prevention mechanisms on transnational and organized crimes duly instituted by the United Nations.
In practice, given that, terrorist instincts or attitudes are neither alien nor innate but that which stems from a process of acculturation, and considering that the youths and urban milieus are most sensitive areas for the growth of values that are necessary for building full terrorist militants, there is need to worry. 
What’s Down?
In a nutshell, the responsibility of fighting terrorism, from examined examples within this manual, doesn’t seem to be an issue of apportioning blames on one or the other. Terrorist instincts are culturally induced values that are grown within us based on our day to day activities. Whether caused from, disappointments, vengeance, need for awareness, or needs to protect values, the core focus is that, the community mores and morals that grow people from children to adults, have a major responsibility in deciding whether the society will create terrorists or it will develop peaceful citizens. Thus we, the community duelers and the elderly, owe nature the duty to guide and direct our children in the ways of peace, tolerance, patience, harmony and compassion towards one another in order to eliminate every bit of retaliatory, hasty, and negative reactions within the society.
The Book’s Puzzles
1.    In the advent of terrorist strikes, with knowledge on both the State’s and the Community’s responsibilities to prevent such, who is to be blamed?
2.  If human terrorist instincts and attitudes are obtained via societal acculturation values experienced everywhere, why are major terrorist strikes only chronic in particular zones? Are there other reasons for such other than the terrorists’ sect values? Are we missing anything that needs correction?
3.    With the abducted school girls still under the hostage of Boko Haram, are there reasons to measure what will be the outcomes of those children while, they are being brainwashed and taught the ways and believes of the sect?
4.    Are the member States to the UN resolutions on fighting transnational and organized crime truly ready to implement their obligations and cut the roots of terrorism promoter catalysts with all that transpire between some of their officials and the terrorists groups?
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