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Global trends are fuelled with terrific innovations, marvellous achievements of technological advancements and dream world elements of ideal progress and positive development aspects, but still, there is much misery and suffering caused by these same development wonders.
Amongst the most intriguing elements of all the wonders, the cyberspace makes it possible for instantaneous communication and connection between persons, ideas and structures where ever and whenever possible. However, it is very shocking that, though these links are helping to build a solidarity focus between the various concerned elements, there are, at the same time, acting as a medium wherein very strong separatists and discriminatory ideologies become materialized into wide spread violent encounters and conflicts.
Thus, the examined nature and concept of the cyberspace proves it has a high potency of initiating or building on some social deviance aspects with further potentials in modifying the psychosocial behavioural patterns of individuals, institutions and rules. These are considered as conflict instigator elements from an individual perspective and within the international order. As well, while the cyberspace would be considered as a conflict builder medium, it as well acts as a dynamic opportunity for healing the conflict wounds it opens, through peace and solidarity initiatives. 

What’s Down?
Acknowledging that modern technological growth has greatly influenced and changed the course and speed of most events and that, there is hardly ever any change without consequences, would the sort of consequences expected from these changes be favourable to us.
Modern technology does not only grow with anticipated consequences that could be intended and desired, not desired but common or probable, not desired and improbable as per designer’s projections, but, also with unanticipated consequences that could be desirable or undesirable. The remaining fear within the technological development measures now grows from the perspectives of the unanticipated or the unforeseen consequences. For example Tim Healy writes that, when considering the development of a nuclear power plant at an ocean site; the anticipated and intended goal or consequence is the production of electric power, and the undesired and improbable consequence would be a major explosion, considered as a risk but not the undesired common and expected consequence which is the heating of the ocean water near the plant .
However, though the modern technology is playing its part in driving and fuelling up tensions on a global scale, it is at the same time, putting pressure on national and international government bodies to strengthen the global peace and security measures necessary for human safety and rapid development. The pressure applied on these government bodies is nowadays a medium through which many other human development aspects are being examined.  
1. During the initial development processes of the cyberspace was there any consideration of it becoming a major cause for global conflicts?
2. Are the anticipated and intended goals or consequences of the cyberspace adequate enough to measure up within the outcomes of their impacts?
3. Can you advise the promoters of the cyberspace on what measures to enforce in order to mitigate the conflict growth spectrum within the cyberspace?

Your comments are highly solicited.

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