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If we consider that human development aspects can be influential in conflict provocation and mitigation openings it will be obvious to affirm that countries or societies with higher human development measures should be more stable and peaceful. However, the conundrum is faced with example country situations countries such as Libya and Tunisia with considerably high HDI, but they still fell into major revolutionary wars. The question asked in this stance now is:
  • How reliable are these HDI statistics if they are not concretely complemented by some reliable situational adjustment effects?
  • Are there other probable reasons to make believe that human development foster conflicts?  

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It is understood that the major focus of the HDR is for guiding governments at better policy orientations for the appropriate human relativity growth within the entire national economy setup, but if it can also serve as a dynamic tool to get into the root causes of some untraceable conflicts, then it may become a greater endeavor for human security and an advocate for real sustainable development achievements.  The Human Development Report (HDR), through its latest Multidimensional Poverty Index (MPI) mechanisms have the probability of uprooting the community level grievances on the basic understanding that the causal links to parental failures in child up-bring and home upkeep lead to youthful delinquency and increased criminality within community.
  1. If we consider that the MPI mechanisms can help adjust child up-bringing towards mitigating youthful delinquency, in the event of severe civil crises in which the economy seems moving well, what should be the political leadership practices to mitigate the conflict and maintain peace?
  2. Is it also probable to assume that a majority of civil strife causes, though often camouflaged under the umbrella themes of democracy movements, are often a manifestation of the peoples’ lack of basic household and livelihood necessities or the unequal distribution of economic opportunities over the same aims?

The phenomenon of conflicts and peace has to do with human discerning and positive understanding of the values of peace and solidarity, which without them there can be no real sustainable societal development, thus, if the HDRs were to be, to a considerable extent, tilted towards an analytical approach for uprooting the probable causes to major societal conflicts, then, they may become the most appropriate conflict prevention, management and resolution measures.

MAHSRA also indicates that it is presently undergoing a series of research works on gender equality intervention schemes and best ways for integrating pragmatic gender equality policy development and direct peace activity growth within local, national, intergovernmental, and international frameworks. And thus, is highly soliciting support from the public.
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