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The high development rate and global support for peace operations in both regional and global spectrums demonstrated by the emerging nations are true legendary moves when we consider their historical backgrounds of violence and political instability, but astonishingly, these emerging nations are well-known for their high levels of corruption within their internal economic management processes as accessed by transparency international.
  • Is it probable to say that corruption is a considerable factor for development or is it merely the social construct of such societies that make them gain rapid progress within their corrupt atmospheres?
  • Since this corruption packed emerging nations show a strong value and spirit of peaceful development within their territorial limits and across other countries within regional dimensions, can we argue whether corruption is a factor of peace?
What’s Down?
In several occasions and in many philosophical viewpoints, corruption has been defined as a total destroyer of development and disrespect for human rights thus a high conflict making catalyst. The worry here now is, in the advent of these emergent nations’ to a world order, either through the formation of the BRICS bank or through their highly influential regional peace initiatives and bilateral economic cooperation with other less developed and more vulnerable countries:
  1. Wouldn’t these vulnerable countries’ situations become worse from the induced corruption habits they may copy from their benefactor nations?
  2. Are the poor regional countries which seek development assistance and politico-economic entrepreneurship from the corrupt emerging nations institutionally apt enough to withstand the impacts of copied flawed economic systems?
  3. Are there other probable mechanisms for collaborative development exchanges between the emerging nations and the developing countries without copying their corrupt practices?
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