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THE MAGIC OF UPLIFTING: Rich Internal Flames

True Wealth Magic
What’s Up?
It is very obvious that human beings have for long now sorted, and are still seeking to understand how they can gain wealth and internal peace at the same time. Some have travelled wide and far, some have joint countless number of societies including recognized religious groups, demonic sects and other herbalist (such as ‘ngambe’) arenas while, some have stayed un-moved believing in their so called ‘lucky stars’ to arrive, all in the quest to obtain wealth in which they still believe will be the source to their happy life. These are very wonderful undertakings which demonstrate the true spirit of hope and believe within individual human beings.
However, when all these hopeful energies are directed in the wrong path, should we still regard it as positive hope?   
Why not!! exclaims Dr. NGYAH, ‘when we seek very hard we build our existential energies towards moderation and empathy, when we constantly fail but yet ceaselessly continue to battle for what we believe in, we demonstrate the power of faith that exists within us’ and when we pay attention to the voice of nature and the value of ethics and moral truth, we become very diligent, immune to evil and unshakable on our path to success’ .
How many people who seek wealth, no matter where, can adhere to these mentioned values?
What’s Down?
Obviously, the human rush towards obtaining a wealthy, stable and peaceful life has so much distorted true reason and the sense of authentic human existence.  Sometimes one begins to wonder:
Are we really sure we know what we are searching for or are we just still very excited like wild animals which will do just about anything for fear that another animal may caged it someday if it has not yet caged that animal in the first place?
Verily the author induces, ‘we are only deceived by our own greed and egoistic imaginations that’s the reason why even after we have made so much fortunes, we still cannot have a full night sleep, neither are we truly loved by our entourage’.
The vices of life are caged within own ignorant conception on existence and our own rebellious human proclivity nature that refuses to listen to the voice of reason within our individual consciences, as such, no one but us have cage ourselves towards our own doom.
Is there a way out of this dilemma?
Of course, the Dr. ejaculates, ‘Us and only us are the masters of our own life-paths, if we choose to live a life of inspiring happiness and joy in the form of uplifting, so we will have it but, it we choose to useless the authentic values for consuming our brief lives, so be it. One thing for certain is that, because people are ignorant about many things, their primary crimes have always revolved around ‘psychological prejudices’ against those who have experienced and are knowledgeable about much more. There is absolute magic in living an uplifting life both within the material and spiritual perceptivity.  
What then can one do to live this magical uplifting life?  
Simply, the author’s ideas continued, it only suffices for an individual to truly and authentically seek within his/her intrinsic self to find answers to the following questions:
  1. What am I and why do I exist as human person amongst many other human beings, as well as, what is my duty to self and the other human people I see?
  2. Do I understand true moral ethics and the philosophy of karmic laws?
  3. Do I really comprehend those issues or activities that give me internal joy both within my person and to the eyes and feelings of any human third party, and am I aware of the futurological energy investments which are engaged at such moments?
  4. Do I have any barriers (including religious and practical obligations) that should hinder the practical ethics of living an inspiringly happy and hopeful life?   
While this book opens the individual’s cognitive discerning upon several self attitude and aptitude building for uplifting moments, it as well acknowledges that the true and complete answers to all the questions are found within the individual.
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