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Major Root Causes to Conflicts

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The worries about the individuality concepts are severally listed from immorality to highly depraved and egocentric human proclivity and individualistic will drives, assessed within several criminalization measurements. These of course, are contrary to the most essential values of human existence as a collective phenomenon. As such, the self-centered or egoistic individual phenomena would be deemed regressist to modern human development prospects that seek solidarity and community in first place. This also makes individualism an inter-personal conflict promoter within the society.
  1. If this be the case, could we therefore be implying that, the individualist values of liberty and freedom within the normative standards of human or individual rights are contradictory presuppositions in modern development paradigms of community and solidarity? 
  2. If it still be the case, why is it that, precepts from the individualism conception are constantly used in shaping most, if not all human development perspectives?
  3. In reflection to individualism’s conflict promoter opportunism and criminality, could the values of individual liberties, freedoms and rights be blamed for modern barbarism or ceaseless inter-human conflicts or, could they be praised for mechanizing human beings into modern development machines?
What’s Down?
Though individualism precepts have been harshly criticized to inculcate significant incentives for human moral and co-existential destruction, it however, still forms the basis of most highly rated human and economical development perspectives. As an example, globally,  the speedy and exponential growth of most private economies have been strongly promoted by individualistic existentialist business approaches and, even the establishment of the universal declaration of human rights is founded on the basis of a liberalist individualism prospectus.
  1. What could be an ethical approach or reason to such a regressist, and at the same, progressive value of the individualist conceptions?
  2. Competivism can be acknowledged as a trusted agent of individualism, yet, its influence fosters collective development, though from individualists angles, should we therefore regard individualism as a catalyst factor for collective growth? 
However, individualism, though presented as a counter human solidarity growth concept, if properly merged with the collectivist theorems, it may be the most enlightened route to an expedite human development process, both in the economical and human dignity prospective.

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