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Does Liberty and Freedoms Cause Conflicts?

What’s up?
The concept of democracy as a conflict catalyst has mostly been criticized by scholars and other followers of the democratic discuss.  Assuming that, the modern democratic development process considers individual welfare in concurrent competition with the universal declaration of the human rights, the major difficulty will thus rest in the authority of the entire community in regards to its minorities. The question here goes thus:
  • If the majority rule holds, then, what happens to the minorities? 
  • Are we certain that, such minorities will stay silent in the midst of their disregard?
Fair enough issues of modern democratic development, just as in almost every other domain, are being tempered with justice in order to see into the needs of the minorities. Yet there is still a controversy here that needs to be seriously addressed:
  • Is there any rule of law that has a clean jurisdiction and autonomy without the arbitrary intervention of justice?

What’s Down?
Individualistic tendencies have always been the root causes of separatist goals and desires within the society, especially within groups’ or State politics. Now, the modern development and growth of individual liberties under the spectrum of liberal constitutionalism, grants individuals autonomous rights and freedoms to act under the law and which, they become only limited within the abstract conception of such abstract rules, as accepted by all.
  1. With the individualistic or egoistic and belligerent nature of human individual majorities, what becomes of such individual autonomous rights within the society?
  2. Knowing that the majority of individuals will not hesitate to wage a war against one another for egoistic benefits, what becomes of the society that ‘licitly’ provides liberties and freedoms that could promote such individualistic or egoistic tendencies?
  3. At the tail, are democratic freedoms and individual liberty ideals best suited to contain and maintain the divergence of human egoism and aspirations vis-à-vis human actions in the context of a free and peaceful world?
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