Tuesday, 5 August 2014

CORRUPTION: Things Falling Apart

Corruption Burns Your Soul

What’s up?
Through an assessment from a number of contemporary perspectives, a generalized conception of the phenomenon of corruption portrays it as a sort of evil and ethically derogatory influence on the human being and his/her environs that leads to destruction or regression. This entails that the majority of human societal actions causing degeneration on cherished societal morals and peace, may have their root causes from corrupt acts.
Also, from an inherent consensus that convicts all human beings as born culprits of the crime or offense of corruption, it becomes plausible that we all, are bound to live with  the corrupt nature while, only fairly striving to accept and adhere to the anti-corrupt models within the society. 

  1. Can we really identify any major societal ill or conflict that does not have any linking causal roots to the phenomenon of corruption?  
  2. Is it possible for us to deny our true selves in order to adapt to morally modest societal standards?
  3. Within both moral and physical perceptions, in what ways can we identify with the conceptive impacts of corruption?
  4. What will be left of the society when such a barbaric conception of corruption is made manifested within such a society?
What’s Down?
Despite the fact that corruption is being maximally criticized from several perspectives and considered the as a societal ‘evil’ which impedes development and destroys the ethical values of proper moral conduct, some writers still argued that, it also has a positive development scope which have been necessary for the economic growth of certain countries and the facilitation of complex bureaucratic proceedings. In focus, Daniel Kaufman’s central theme of the ‘grease-the-wheels’ argument claims that bribery may allow firms to get things done in an economy plagued by bureaucratic holdups and be a way to get around tax and regulatory burdens.

  • If corruption, therefore, at one instant become a positive aspect to facilitate economic processes, then, why is it widely classified and generally addressed with a bitter amoral sensitivity reproach?
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