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Amidst the numerous causal factors that may lead to violent ethnic conflicts, the majority discusses haven’t yet demonstrated the real problem solving opportunity medium in the regard.
Is it that researchers and followers of the school of thought on ethnicism and ethnic conflicts have not found the true path to success in the phenomenon, or, is it that modern or western philosophies have concerted to banalise views in the regard so as to escape from certain inculpating positions of guilt?

What’s Down?
The complexity that encloses the presentation of ethnic conflict issues is surely a major reason why progress in the domain is being systematically slowed down. If we can assess the phenomenon of greed and the desire for discriminatory economic and political power in the perspective, then, we may probably discover how third party political entrepreneurs do immensely contribute in fueling ethnic conflicts for private gain. No doubts, the strategy of these spoilers is to interfere and manipulate the social liberalist community individual into struggles over values which are truly, not as as valuable as they are made to represent, or, are equally shared within the community.
  1. Accepting ethnic strives are always reported to start and grow within community notions of discrimination, marginalization and neglect, what could be the probable additional reasons behind such leadership perpetrating greed?
  2. Given that the game of the political entrepreneurs as potential spoilers within ethnic conflict opportunities is only virtual and most often camouflaged, how can the victimized communities readjust to face the shadows of their misleading leaders?
  3. In a prolonged ethnic strife, how can it be possible to see the roots of the problem or to effectively solve the problem if those ‘Who stand and plan to gain little or most …’ in the situation are unknown?
  4. Through which means or ways can we determine those third party bodies or foreign government representatives who, in a bias manner, will connive to fuel or virtually settle ethnic tensions in order to achieve their aims?

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