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Leadership Responsibilities

What’s Up?
Though continuous assessments on the degrading human rights status of women around the world and most especially within vulnerable communities have demonstrated the need for increased and effective actions in combating gender violence, the factor of ignorance is still playing a predominant role in promoting this ill.

  • Is it that the community men’s ego and greed will not permit their vulnerable community women to evolve and equate with them or is it that they are ignorant on how to go about it?
  • In another regard, is it possible for us to say that, global policies require that gender violence through gender equality be eradicated but, on the other way round the policy implementers lack the will to do so?

Though we may also acknowledge numerous efforts from diverse sectors have been made combat the flaw, it cannot be denied there is an obviously relaxed community and local government attitude towards eliminating or combating the prejudicial natures of such gender violence acts.

  • If all societal and community leaders are considered as lead elements for global and nationally accepted development objectives, what then could be the reasons behind their laxity and lapses? And how can these be remedied?  

What’s Down?
With an intrinsic understanding that global and community led development success stories can only be achievable through combined efforts of all involved or concerned parties, a new methodology for approaching sensitive gender equality issues such as the eradication of gender violence and probable sexual abuses against women should entail strategic definitions and enactment of individual obligations towards the combat of the flaw. If these measures are to be effectively implemented then certain worries need to be addressed before.

  1. What ways can we get the vulnerable and ignorant community women to understand what the legal qualifications of gender and sexual violence issues mean in their locally understood context?
  2. What protection dispositions can be put in place to effectively cover victims and those who denounce chronic and dangerous perpetrators of gender and sexual violence ills within the society
  3. What mechanisms and procedures can be put in place to ensure that leadership responsibilities are frequently addressed and recalled by the vulnerable community dwellers?
  4. What motivational community factor can be put in place to promote general individual participation in combating the flaw? 
The author, Dr. Kelly NGYAH, within this literary piece, presents the UN conventional comprehensiveness opportunity on involved terminologies, typologies and implicative measures that are required to properly understand and engage community led initiatives to combat gender violence and sexual abuses against women.

MAHSRA also indicates that it is presently undergoing a series of research works on gender equality intervention schemes and best ways for integrating pragmatic gender equality policy development and direct peace activity growth within local, national, intergovernmental, and international frameworks. And thus, is highly soliciting support from the public.
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